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November 2009

Hatrak announces a new rent to own purchase pricing model. Please contact us for more information

November 2009

Hatrak has announced that Denmor Security has joined the Hatrak team. To see their service offerings clink on the link that follows Denmor Security


It all started in 1977 when a small handful of managers working with Bob Hatrak began to question the efficiency of their employees in their 24/7/365 operation. What began as a seed of an idea evolved into the current "Hatrak Workforce Management System." The puzzle pieces that needed definition included: Are there easier, smarter, and not "stubby pencil" ways to do employee scheduling. What began as a seedling in 1977 has grown into an ambitious and innovative, current century company named after the systems founder: Hatrak Associates.

Between the years spanning 1983 to the present, as the seedling matured, with the help of innovative conceptual fertilization by the Hatrak team innovated methodologies emerged. These were with others generated along the way has help Hatra become the current leader in "Workforce Management." The goals set at the outset of the project by the team were: (Use the links for information about each goal>>)[labor cost control] [labor analytics] [absenteeism management] [risk compliance]

WHAT IS "HATRAK WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT? In basic terms it is HATRAK'S approach to helping organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, INCLUDING EMPLYEE SHIFT SCHEDULING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, manage their workforce. Organizations understand that their company's most valuable, and expensive asset are their employees. The Hatrak Employee Shift Scheduling Software solution is at the heart of the process of maximizing the productivity of these assets..

HOW DOES HATRAK HELP? Since 1983 Hatrak Associates has been continuously providing organizations with contemporary and innovative automated tools to control labor costs, perform labor analytics, minimize compliance risks and improve productivity.

EASY TO OWN: Recently Hatrak has added a "rent to own" payment plan to its pricing options making it far easier for you to own the Hatrak Workforce Management solutions including the software. Hatrak makes automation and high-quality information a reality.

WORKING WITH DIVERSE WORKFORCES: Hatrak helps manage scheduling diverse workforces, unlimited number of shifts, unlimited number of schedule designs (including our unique 10-hour shift model that is as efficient as are 8-hour shifts), preparing master and daily schedules, recording time and attendance schedule exceptions events and corresponding action, and managing employee absenteeism. HATRAK SIMPLIFIES THESE COMPLEXITIES!

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