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Impact on Client Operations

The following are a few critical areas where we have consistently helped our public and private sector clients to cut and control costs:

  • Adjusted shift designs and position classifications to more efficiently align to the operational needs of the scheduling unit.
  • Balanced planned off-duty limits (vacation, annual training, administrative leave, military duty, etc.) to available relief positions.
  • Balanced staff regular off-duty days through the week to avoid off duty spikes.
  • Scheduled annual training windows that do not conflict with prime vacation time so that training can be accomplished without overtime.
  • Flex 'd non-priority positions to move available personnel to vacant mandatory positions to avoid overtime.
  • Moved relief positions to separate scheduling units and then deployed them to shifts based on vacancies and planned leave variances between shifts.
  • Identified strategies to maximize employee average annual deployable days and tracking systems for detecting leave abuse.
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