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Shift Scheduling

Accurate schedule designs, without more labor costs than available in a budget begin with the Hatrak Setup and Analyze Schedule Designs modules. This labor analytics tool helps you analyze your business drivers to produce accurate labor supply and labor demand requirements forecasts. Not satisfied with the forecast? Then you can continue to revise the variables included in the model to arrive at a forecast you can live with. When you include seasonal variations, events, and current trends in the design you are certain that the analysis will provide you with the insight you need to predict your labor needs.

Our scheduling software solution is designed with the maximum flexibility for individual workers and management, including working alternative patterns, flexible working hours, reduced and part time hours and changes to shifts to meet responsibilities and union business needs, including training. Our software addresses all these needs and more.

 The Scheduling engines include:

  1. Master Roster Pattern Based Schedule Templates
  2. Master Roster Employee Based Schedule Templates
  3. Daily Rosters Module
  4. Daily Roster Exceptions Module
  5. Automated Employee Regular Day Off Rotation

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